Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Toobs and Green Apples

No this is not a recipe, (I hear you all sigh with relief!)I realise it's been a long time between posts but that's mostly because this little Stepford Wife is expecting a little Stepford baby.

And I'm here to tell you that already - food is no longer my friend.

My poor dear Husband has been getting the lamest of meals. Nothing at all blog-worthy unless there's many of you out there that need the instructions for

1. Boil water and insert spaghetti

2. Brown mince and dump in jar of sauce

3. Simmer both for 10mins and serve together. (Don't forget to drain pasta)


Cakes and cookies and lovely treats are way too much effort and at the moment the little babe only seems to want Green Apples and Toobs - thank goodness for the apples to make me feel somewhat righteous!

I did make an attempt to see if there is a home-made version of Toobs I could impress you all with, but no luck - apparently that's a secret only the people at Smith's know.

-and incidentally I wouldn't google 'recipe for Toobs' - apparently there's something somewhat pornographic about that innocuous seeming phrase!! Who knew!!

Only God has the secret to making those awesome green apples so I have nothing to offer you except for comfort if you happen to be one of the zillions of pregnant folk I know - It is getting better! Hang on to your version of Toobs for a few more weeks - not much longer!

xxx S