Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fragrant Pumpkin and Lentil Curry

Trust me, I'm not the kind of person who usually cooks things with lentils in them, or who makes curry for that matter, but this dinner is so easy and so not lentil-y or curry-y that it makes up for it's name completely.

I think the original recipe was off a lentil tin somewhere and it was passed amongst my mum's friends for a while before she had a go and I actually loved it. 30mins work guaranteed and most of it is just dumping tins into one saucepan!

I've pulled this one out this week for two reasons.

One- with baby on the way and friends having babies left, right and centre, freezer meals are my new deal.  Anything that will make and freeze in enough portions to do a meal for a friend as well as one for our freezer in preparation for the apparent mental state that is coming when bub arrives, is a winner at the moment!

Two - I have another friend stressing out over an elimination diet to identify her allergies. This dinner has so few ingredients that it is great for people who struggle with diet.
 There is no-


or any of the things that usually set those poor folks allergies off.

Basically you fry in a saucepan for 2 mins-

1 Tablespoon Oil
1 clove garlic (I used 1 teaspoon of minced garlic from a jar)
1 teaspoon ground cumin
1 teaspoon ground tumeric

Add 1 cup diced pumpkin, 1 cup diced potato, 1 can lentils, 1 can diced tomatoes.

Simmer for 20mins. Serve with Coriander! and it's great with naan if you can eat such things.

That is it!!

I actually suspect that this may be a good meal to adapt for a toddler meal if you cook it until it softens a bit more and squish it up a bit, there's no heat to it and the flavours are very mild - I'll test the theory out in a year or so when I have one!

1 month to go until baby time!!